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Mind Training by David Hoffman – Part I


Mind Training by David Hoffman - Part I

Acim (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is the psychic development that occurs when a person interacts with their higher self or their higher spirit and then works with the energy resulting from this interaction to create new meaning and purposes in life. Acim helps people discover who they really are and how they fit into the world. It is the process of finding one’s own personal truth, individuality, and true voice. This process may take years but the outcome is a life of purpose and abundance.

ACIM was developed by David Hoffmeister in 1969. He was a student of G.V. Jung and has written several books on the psychology of spirituality and miracles. In addition to his book, The Aquatic Mirror, he has also written many books on the art of creating miracles and the symbolism of acim. ACIM includes a free mini-class on the basics of acim and David presents a series of ten short videos, ten articles and a main body of material that can be found on AIIMs website.

David explains that the process of developing acim involves first approaching your personal truth and the state of your own personal reality and then integrating this information with that of the universe. He says that while we experience both the physical world and the spiritual world we are also separate from the realities of the physical and spiritual worlds. He maintains that all these worlds work together because they are all part of the same metaphysical system. David claims that if you take the entire system of the metaphysical system, which includes all the different belief systems, all the ideas of creation, all the different religions, all the philosophies, and even the various codes of conducts and ethical codes and move it into a causal relationship then you have the key to unlock your personal reality. He calls this the « Law of Attraction » and refers to it as a model for creating and manifesting the life that you want.

In order to make full use of the benefits of David’s work, it is important to understand the meaning and relevance of both hoffmeister acim and of the concept of the ego. He begins his explanation of the meaning of the ego by making clear the difference between our private ideas of ourselves and our private thoughts about others. He argues that our private ideas are nothing more than an extension of our personal behaviour and this is where the relationship between the ego and the subconscious mind enters the picture.

The secret of the Law of Attraction lies in the fact that this particular theory is based upon the psychological reality that all thoughts are made up of smaller patterns of our minds. This is the « ego effect » and is the underlying basis for all spiritual, mental, emotional and physical practices. If one stands back and watches this process in action then there will be no doubt that the idea of the ego and the conscious mind are both a part and parcel of the awakening process. David has spent considerable amounts of time researching the concepts of the conscious and unconscious mind, and he can speak with authority on the subject. What he has done is applied these concepts in a practical application that anyone can easily relate to and harness.

There are many examples of how this method has worked in practice. One of the most well known applications of the Laws of Attraction is to help those who find themselves stuck in relationships, or who feel the need for forgiveness after a hurtful experience. Through the application of David Hoffman’s simple, but powerful « Attraction to Healing » method, those stuck in negativity can receive the love and blessings of their life back through a process of focused relaxation and inspired imagination. This is just one of the works of David Hoffmeister and the mind training techniques that he teaches, but his influence has touched the hearts and minds of thousands of people seeking solutions for the challenges of life.

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